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Vers la fin de la gestion des carrières? La GRH face au rôle croissant des intermédiaires du marché du travail

The literature in HRM extensively discussed the developments in the career field between the traditional model of organizational career model of nomadic career, supposed to respond to the new psychological contract between workers organizations of the XXI century. Now, it would be for HR managers to attract talent they know that the transition in the organization will be limited in time. The unprecedented development of forms of work in the project, halfway between the employment and the status of independent, seems to agree with this “modern” design career.
However, a closer examination of current developments in the labor market shows that the careers of workers to the project are not only the result of individual initiatives of workers offering their talents on the market. They often go through intermediary structures, offering various security arrangements, become essential partners for the management of career paths.
 From a conceptual work on the concept of intermediary in the labor market and on the basis of multiple contrasting case studies on the Belgian labor market, our article shows the diversity of forms taken this work and intermediation identifies two “ideal types” reflecting opposing views of securing professional transitions: the first considers workers to the project as “quasi-employees”; the second as “quasi-independent”. We show then how this triangular game led to a questioning of career management as an attribute sovereign of the HR function. [googletranslate_en]