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Towards a reskilling revolution: Industry-led action for the future of work

Through the Preparing for the Future of Work project, the World Economic Forum (WEF) provides a platform for designing and implementing collaboration on the future of work by major industries, the public sector, unions and educators. The output of the project’s first phase of work, Towards a Reskilling Revolution: A Future of Jobs for All, highlighted a method to identify viable and desirable job transition pathways for disrupted workers, using data from the United States. The project’s second phase has focused on two areas of work: 1) extending our previous research to assess the ‘business case’ for reskilling and establish its magnitude and 2) mobilizing selected industries to address specific future of work challenges and opportunities. This second report, Towards a Reskilling Revolution: Industry-Led Action for the Future of Work, demonstrates the results of this second phase of work. It encompasses the results of the business case research as well as data and proposed actions for five industries—Aerospace; Aviation, Travel and Tourism; Consumer; Financial Services; and Oil and Gas—to support them in their transition to the future of work. It is produced in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, and with the support of Burning Glass Technologies. It is designed to provide key strategies, innovative frameworks and data-driven tools that can support businesses, governments, educators and civil society in taking proactive and coordinated action to prepare for the future of work.