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Tour d’horizon des politiques d’« Industrie du futur

Here we propose an overview of the policies implemented throughout the world in favor of the industry of the future. The interest of this overview is not to rank the countries surveyed according to their level of progress in this transition, but to give us to see the diversity of approaches tailored to the economic and political particular contexts. It is interesting to note that despite very different profiles, most of the programs in place are joined around three themes: the development of national technology offers, support for the modernization of the industrial fabric and adaptation of employee skills. This panorama will then allow us to position France in this landscape and draw up an inventory of the “industry of the future” made by the government since 2013. It shows that France has a real part to play, but this assumes that it defines its own priorities and mobilizing its undeniable specific strengths in order to benefit the most of this industrial change. [googletranslate_en]