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The future of work: Skills and resilience for a world of change

The world of work is part-and-parcel of the changing economy, heavily influenced by globalisation, international value and supply chains, more division of labour, and digital disruption. Work is no longer a static concept but an umbrella term for roles performed in a different manner and under different legal arrangements. Public policy needs to adapt to this new situation and benefit from the agility that comes with it while mitigating the downsides. Europe has a strong manufacturing base, a diverse and talented workforce and a large creative economy that offer a rich backdrop for a future of work with creative and fulfilling jobs. By orchestrating more tailor-made, customised interventions, based on granular insights provided by big data sources, it can achieve better results and foster the context within which both individuals and firms can thrive. This Strategic Note states that Governments need to find more innovative ways to offer life-long and personalised support for employment, skills and welfare, adapted to the needs of individuals.