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The employability skills of higher education graduates: A review of literature

Employability skills are identified as one of the valuable policy tools to upgrade mobility and earnings. Organization‟s employees are required to possess the knowledge and skills for increasing the organization‟s performance and competitiveness. Employability of graduates has become an issue that is not easy to be ignored in the global economy. However, the key employability skills need to be identify and categorised according to specific industry like interior design. It is a necessity to have a right set of employability skills for employer satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is to find out the required skill set for enhancing the employability of graduates and employees majorly focusing on interior design sector. This paper proposed the set of skills important for employability of interior design. Prominent databases were searched using combination of keywords and based on that 105 papers were selected for study. They were further filtered based on their title, abstract and findings and finally 25 papers were left. We have majorly focused upon eight sets of skills: communication skills, problem solving skills, teamwork skills, design skills, project management skills, computer skills, personal attributes and pre-graduates work experiences. On the basis of above-mentioned skills a checklist has been proposed which has been verified based on the literature review. The implications of this study will be helpful in guiding both industry and academia in incorporating and enhancing these skills among professionals