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Technological change and the future of work: Issues paper

The purpose of this inquiry is to provide an independent assessment of the scale and potential impacts of rapid technological change and its disruptive impact on the future of work and the workforce in New Zealand. The overriding aim is to harness changes to maximise the wellbeing of New Zealanders. The assessment should provide material for future government policy development and other initiatives to prepare the country for a productive, sustainable, and socially-inclusive future, despite uncertainties around the impact of technology. For this inquiry, ‘disruption’ is primarily about the impacts of technological change. The inquiry should acknowledge the potential for disruption to have both positive and negative impacts. Two broad questions should guide the inquiry: — What are the current and likely future impacts of technological change and disruption on the future of work, the workforce, labour markets, productivity and wellbeing? How can the Government better position New Zealand and New Zealanders to take advantage of innovation and technological change in terms of productivity, labour-market participation and the nature of work?