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Que recherchent les cadres chargés du recrutement de la génération Y ? Une analyse exploratoire

The National Association of Human Resources Directors (A.N.D.R.H), during its annual meeting in 2011, highlighted the plight of young graduates in employment. More recently, the approach of this association was to consider the effect of sometimes negative perceptions vis-à-vis this generation (so-called “Generation Y”) on the part of officials responsible for their recruitment. For this, a focus group of 15 experts was set up for the occasion, all members A.N.D.R.H. This analysis has led to the emergence 17 proposals or ideas commonly attributed to the Y. These representations generation would they be likely to partly explain the evil that some do not hesitate to consider as deeply rooted in our managerial practices? To answer this question, a questionnaire was then administered to managers who recruit graduates taking up these proposals and measuring the degree of agreement (Likert scale). It appears first of this exploratory study that respect for hierarchical authority and commitment vis-à-vis the organization are two reassuring elements responsible for HR Plus, a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was conducted to give rise to two profiles of executives involved in the recruitment of young people, stating firstly prefer recruit, and secondly, prefer not to recruit generation Y. [googletranslate_en]