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Médecins et patients dans le monde des data, des algorithmes et de l’intelligence artificielle

The National Council of the College of Physicians, under the coordination of Dr. Jacques Lucas and Pr. Serge Uzan, today published a white book on “Physicians and patients in the world of data, algorithms and intelligence artificial “formula 33 and proposals.
This paper explores in particular the current and future impact of new technologies for the practice of medicine, for initial and continuing education of physicians, medical research, and instead of patients in the health system.
More generally, it calls for “identifying risks now that the digital society has to fight them while supporting all the benefits it can bring to the person’s service.”
Recalling that “medicine always involve an essential part of human relationships, regardless of specialty, and will never blindly rely on” decisions “taken by algorithms devoid of nuances, compassion and empathy” the authors of the white Paper nevertheless believe that “algorithms and artificial intelligence will be our allies, as an essential input for decision support and therapeutic strategy,” as well as medical research.
Consequently, the National Council of the College of Physicians, “to accompany the entire profession, in the diversity of its exercises” to “strengthen collaboration with patients,” and to ensure that new technologies are actually put “the person’s service and the company” makes 33 recommendations. [googletranslate_en]