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Les facteurs structurels favorisant l’appropriation d’un ERP : le cas de SAP dans une industrie pétrochimique

The purpose of this article is to propose a research design on the issue of identification of the factors that impede the appropriation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Our work is based on the current structurationist (Orlikowski) which refers to the work of Giddens, which aims to understand the interaction relationship between the actor and technology in an organizational framework. From a mixed methodology, it is to invest the difficulties faced by users in their tool appropriation process ERP implanted for several years in a petrochemical industry. We offer to pose as an obstacle to this process of appropriation interdependence between structural factors such as prior knowledge, representations, communication, training, user documents, user assistance, organizational context. In order to address the shortcomings related to the use of ERP, we consider it necessary that managers in Information Systems (IS) take into account the interdependence between the factors of influence to succeed corrective actions and improve ownership of ERP by users. [googletranslate_en]