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Le hackathon en mode Design Thinking ou quelles modalités pour former à des compétences méthodologiques et comportementales ?

The educational innovation is gradually becoming in the field of training and education because it can meet new challenges in the digital age. These issues are both the appropriation of new digital tools but also the fact of rethinking a value-added-face. Thus, it will capture attention and create change in mindset, to acculturate to new working methods and make concrete theoretical learning. In this context, the mode hackathon Design Thinking, is a training vector that acquires both, methodological and behavioral skills. This article outlines the features and benefits of this practice è from the analysis of a real experiment with a public human resources, company employees of faculty and students. The analysis shows that during the place of the day, the formula allows each of the participants to adopt complementary learning postures mentioned by the experiential cycle Kolb (1984). Thus, beyond knowledge, these are the methods and behaviors that are acquired to form the basis of new skills. [googletranslate_en]