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L’approche par les capacités comme registre des restructurations: un nouveau regard sur l’entreprise et le contrat de travail ?

After focusing on the defense of employment and blocking of managerial decisions, mobilization raised by the restructuring reveal a trading activity tending to bind the freedom of choice for employees and the company’s prospects. The objective of this text is to see how this development draws a practical choice that, beyond a power struggle between management and employee representatives, is close to a form “capabilities approach” binder, from the perspective of Sen, freedom of individual choice and participation in collective decision. It envisages, for this work as an “intake capacity” that reflects the contractual commitment of the employee in a joint activity within the company. As testing of the reality of the company, restructuring appear as moments of explanation and evaluation of the joint activity and individual commitments on which it is based, both in the context of information procedure -consultation staff representatives that from the employees themselves. They thus lead to bind in the same debate individual projects, according to a common perspective of “voluntary” and vision of the company as an entity in the making. In this, they draw the linking process individual choices and future of the company, constituting a manifestation of “political capacity” for employees and their representatives. [googletranslate_en]