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Investing in Europe’s future: The role of education and skills

This volume presents a strategic plan for education and skills in Europe aimed at boosting innovation, contributing to the technology race, improving the pool of skills and enhancing equal opportunities. Each of the contributions in this volume add an aspect to the ongoing debate about skills. Together, they combine macro- and micro perspectives, as both are needed to inform a coherent and forward looking strategy for skills in Europe. Notably, they emphasize that skill policies need a comprehensive perspective, taking into account linkages with other policy areas, and that there is value in a coordinated approach. Within Europe, benchmarking and exchange of best practices can be valuable tools to inform and improve skill policies. In addition, specific policy measures require careful assessment of what works and what does not. Finally, a coherent and forward looking strategy also requires reflection about who should do what for education and skills in Europe, i.e. including public and private actors, and whether resources are sufficient to address challenges going forward.