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Inception report for the global commission on the future of work

This Inception Report raises the curtain on the work of the Global Commission. In keeping with the broad scope we hope you will bring to your work, it consciously avoids steering the Commission’s deliberations towards specific issues or prejudging the nature of your guidance regarding the profound changes in the world of work and the development of a common vision of the future of work we want. Instead, the Report tries to set the stage for a rich discussion culminating in a Commission Report for the ILO centenary year, 2019. To that end, we have organized the Inception Report as follows: Chapter 1 provides a snapshot of the megatrends affecting the world of work today. Chapter 2 examines the meaning of work for individuals and society. Chapter 3 discusses the ways in which technology and other trends are affecting job creation. Chapter 4 looks at the organization of work and production. Finally, Chapter 5 discusses the governance of work.