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Future opportunities for adult learners in Victoria: Pathways to participation and jobs: discussion paper

The nature of work is changing and so are the skills required to thrive in the workplace. With employment growth a continued focus in Victoria, it is critical that all Victorians have the opportunity to develop the literacy, numeracy, vocational and employability skills required to secure meaningful jobs, regardless of background or socio-economic status., In Victoria, there are 650,000 adults at the lowest levels of literacy, including 265,000 workers with low educational attainment in low skill jobs, and more than 17,000 15 to 19 year olds who are not engaged in employment, education or training. Responding to these challenges efficiently, effectively and at an appropriate scale will require a broad and multi-faceted strategy. The adult community education sector is the critical link between the needs of these Victorians and an opportunity for a better life, by providing them with education and training choices best suited to their individual needs., In April 2018, the Department of Education and Training commissioned the Future Opportunities for Adult Learners in Victoria (FOAL) project to ensure more at risk Victorians have access to high quality training. To achieve this, the FOAL Discussion Paper considers whether the adult community education sector is equipped with the system-level supports and capabilities it needs to support at-risk Victorians into social and economic participation., Edited excerpts from publication.