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Dice tech job report: The fastest growing hubs, roles and skills

This report uses data from Dice’s partner, Burning Glass Technologies, to analyse over 6 million tech job postings throughout the United States from 2018 and 2019. It reports on which states, cities, occupations and skills have the most job growth, the employers that are looking to hire the most technologists, and provides state-by-state breakdowns on what’s growing and why. The job postings data was filtered for ‘Information Technology’ jobs with hours that fall under ‘Full Time’, ‘Part Time’ and ‘Not Listed’, as well as job types that are categorized as ‘Permanent’, or ‘Not Listed’. Year-over-year data was gathered by ranking the growth of top cities, occupations and skills that met minimum job post criteria. The datasets used for the ‘Top Employers’ section were gathered by using the above criteria, with an additional filter for job postings that only derive from employer sites. All other data incorporates job postings from employer sites, job boards, staffing agencies and free job boards. 2019 saw the growth of tech hubs across the US, the continued emergence of data-oriented occupations and skillsets, as well as increasing competition among businesses looking to hire. As 2020 progresses, more businesses are likely to put even more effort into hiring more tech professionals, which will mean that the time required to fill these positions will increase in tandem.