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Delivering digital skills: A guide to preparing the workforce for an inclusive digital economy

Around the world, governments have begun to recognise the urgent need for adults to have better access to learning throughout their careers to ensure that they don’t get left behind. This guide has been created to help policymakers who have been tasked with finding ways to upskill the workforce. It includes ten case studies from around the world that have been designed and implemented to provide digital skills to adults. Each one contains insights that can be used to address policy challenges. The guide covers the following areas: Five barriers to upskilling the workforce; The challenges you need to keep in mind when designing policy; Nine steps to an inclusive and responsive skills ecosystem; The components you should combine and support to make sure the right skills are taught to the right people, in the right way; Initiatives that have already helped people to learn digital skills; Case studies of policies and programmes which highlight effective approaches that support upskilling and reskilling; and resources for further reading.