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Caractériser le méta-travail des nomades numériques : un préalable à l’identification des compétences requises

Mobile working can not be simply executed “anywhere, anytime” since it also involves the meta-work to mobilize resources for its accomplishment, and to address the constraints to environmental and temporal and social contexts in which it is inserted. Although previous literature outcome of the fields of sociology of work, communication and computer-supported cooperative work has already documented some forms of meta-work, such as working articulation, no writing has addressed the features associated with digital nomad, which is an extreme form of mobile work allowing professionals to combine their interest for the trip to the ability to work remotely. In this article, we present five forms of meta-work we have categorized according to three objectives, namely: 1) make the website and the mobile workforce work mode; 2) coordinate with others and work continuity through different places, times and projects; and 3) operate in a foreign land and traveling. For each form of meta-work we show the individual activities and interactional involved. Although the meta-work is not exclusive to this type of workers it takes a “cumulative” character for digital nomads, thereby increasing the intensity, and raises questions about the invisibility and responsibility activities associated with it. [googletranslate_en]