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Bridging the gap between skills and occupations: A concept note to identify the skills associated with NOC

The skills required to succeed in today’s world of work are rapidly changing. Workers experience pressure to continuously improve their skills, and employers struggle to find workers with the right skills to achieve their goals. – Developing a pan-Canadian mapping system that links skills to occupations is an important step towards improving our understanding of the changing nature of jobs. – A five-phase plan is proposed to assess, develop, and maintain a mapping between the recently developed Skills and Competencies Taxonomy of Employment and Social Development Canada and the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system. – The various approaches for achieving such a mapping will be evaluated against a number of established criteria, including, among others, data collection requirements, their statistical rigour, utility in supporting people to make informed decisions, as well as the cost of establishing and maintaining these different approaches. – To ensure the Skills and Competencies Taxonomy and its mapping to the NOC system continue to evolve to meet the needs of stakeholders, external input and feedback will be sought throughout the process. – To ensure the credibility, rigour, and integrity of the final mapping, Statistics Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada will manage and oversee the statistical infrastructure required to maintain and update the mapping.