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À travers les hypostases du numérique dans l’enseignement supérieur : réflexion critique sur le développement de la culture et des compétences numériques

The densification of the digital training offers in the French higher education institutions raises the question of culture and digital skills that are developed there. In continuation of a survey conducted across the French territory on the digital C2i training device within higher education institutions, this article proposes to question a number of representations on digital skills, digital culture and wider digital. To feed our analysis, we have chosen to deal with a corpus of documents – whose production is made according to political expectations and / or economic – on the digital development in various fields (education , economy, citizen, etc.). Along with this, this text will be an opportunity to discuss ideological patterns that may underlie some of the digital training standards currently in force. We conclude our discussion about the purpose of training to digital in the French higher education institutions. [googletranslate_en]