Calls for Proposals

We are focused on advancing evidence-driven innovation in Canada’s skills and training ecosystem.

The majority of the Centre’s funding is devoted to action- and community-based innovation projects that help diverse Canadians gain the skills they need to adapt and succeed in the workforce. The Centre works with successful project proponents to support efforts to generate forward-looking, responsive, and evidence-informed solutions to better meet the needs of Canadians facing a rapidly changing labour market.

The Centre will continue to launch open calls for proposals to invite applications from stakeholders across the country with projects that develop, test, and evaluate innovative approaches to skills development. 

All projects will be rigorously evaluated and the evidence generated will contribute to a growing research base of what works in skills development, for whom, and under what conditions.

If you have questions about our call for proposal process, please email

Previous Calls For Proposals

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August 2019 Call for Proposals

The objective of this Call for Proposals is to identify, test and evaluate innovative projects that have the potential to generate actionable evidence about how to better equip Canadians with the skills required to navigate a fast-changing labour market.
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April 2019: Projects Supporting Mid-Career Workers

The call closed on May 2, 2019 and we received over 100 submissions from across the country. Ten projects were selected following an adjudication process by the Centre’s interim project sub-committee.
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February 2019 Inaugural Call for Projects

The consortium partners identified 12 projects through targeted stakeholder engagement. Six projects were eventually selected following an adjudication process by the Centre’s interim project sub-committee. On April 2, 2019, the Future Skills Centre announced $11.58M in funding over two years for six inaugural innovation projects.
The Future Skills Centre is a forward-thinking centre for research and collaboration dedicated to preparing Canadians for employment success and meeting the emerging talent needs of employers. As a pan-Canadian community, we bring together experts and organizations across sectors to rigorously identify, assess, and share innovative approaches to develop the skills and work environments to drive prosperity and inclusion.