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Quality of Work: Literature Review

We’re exploring in depth the concept of Quality of Work. This literature review is the first in a series of reports on the topic. Here are some highlights:

  • No single, accepted definition exists for Quality of Work.
  • Quality of Work is a multi-dimensional concept encompassing the various factors that impact the overall well-being of employees
  • The concept can cover many aspects of employee well-being, including finding voice, purpose and connection with work, opportunities for advancement and access to training, safe and supportive work environments, job security, in addition to a living wage, healthcare benefits, and secure and predictable work hours.
  • Workforce development programs and stakeholders can raise the standard and bolster Quality of Work by supporting fair labour practices and safe work environments.
  • Quality of work is an important driver of labour force participation, worker motivation and engagement, productivity and retention. Therefore, quality of work should be a priority not just for policy but also for education, training, workforce intermediaries and leaders in business, community, and economic development.

This report explores the concept by reviewing research, definitions, frameworks and indexes to and by presenting case studies from various organizations and a consolidated summary.