Knowledge Mobilization Strategy

The Future Skills Centre is committed to ensuring that our work is accessible to all Canadians, and that knowledge is available in the right form, at the right place, at the right time.

Too often, evidence from researchers and practitioners is published only in scholarly and professional literature, and is therefore not accessible and available to the majority of the population. A key function of knowledge mobilization is to connect evidence-producers to evidence-users through engagement and dissemination.

Successful dissemination is informed by engagement with various stakeholder groups, so that specific messages are tailored to different audiences. The Future Skills Centre is committed to learning about existing and innovative formats and channels for knowledge sharing to ensure that the information we are disseminating is meaningful and accessible for all stakeholder groups, communities, sectors, and populations.

The Conference Board of Canada and Research Impact Canada (RIC) are undertaking a coordinated (national/provincial/territorial) approach to stakeholder engagement, knowledge sharing, and impact assessment underpinned by a network of sector-specific and regional knowledge brokers.

To mobilize knowledge, we will:

  • Foster relationships with partners, stakeholders, and all actors of the skills development ecosystem;
  • Regularly exchange information with stakeholders;
  • Develop technical and plain language reports;
  • Build the capacity of the skills sector to mobilize knowledge by training stakeholders and providing online tools;
  • Disseminate information widely via events and diverse communications vehicles; and
  • Develop and maintain a searchable project database/open platform.

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