Dr. Judith K. Pringle is Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Work and Wellbeing, Griffith University and previously Professor of Organisation Studies, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. At AUT she established and then led the Gender and Diversity Research Group (2007-2017); she is still a member. Over Judith’s career, her research has focused on workplace diversity, women’s experiences in organisations, bi-cultural research, intersections of social identities (gender/ethnicity/sexuality/age), reframing career theory and qualitative methodologies. Current research interests include the future of work. She was co- investigator of Marsden funded project ‘Glamour and Grind: New Creative Workers’ and co-editor and co-author of: Handbook of Research Methods on Diversity Management, Equality and Inclusion at Work (2018), Handbook for Workplace Diversity (2006), The New Careers: Individual Action and Economic Change (1999). She has published numerous book chapters and research in journals including: Gender, Work & Organization, Sociological Review, British Journal of Management, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of HRM, Journal of World Business, Career Development International.