Dr. Hong Yu is an Associate Professor of Retail Management and currently serving as the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs in the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. With backgrounds in engineering, design and business, Dr. Yu has a keen interest in investigating management strategies that lead to efficiency and effectiveness in transformation processes of products, services, and customer experiences. Her current research focuses on studying shopping experiences and journeys of older customers, which aims to derive implications on how product innovation, inclusive retail environment and service designs contribute to effective business strategies and customers’ well-being.

Dr. Yu has taught in the MBA and Master of Science in Management (MscM) programs, supervised or served as a committee member for over 70 graduate students. She’s completed more than 18 funded research projects and published an open etextbook and over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals or conferences. Her work has won awards in Europe and the U.S. Hong was a Consumer Scientist in the U.S. before entering the academic field. She has also served as a consultant for retail design and fashion companies.