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Youth with disabilities in work-based learning programs: Factors that influence success

This article presents the findings of a research study on the quality of the learning experiences of youth with disabilities who par- ticipated in Wisconsin’s Youth Ap- prenticeship (YA) Program–a rig- orous two-year work-based learn- ing program for high school jun- iors and seniors. The researchers identify key factors that enhance the capacity of youth with disabili- ties to complete the program and make a successful transition to careers and/or postsecondary education. In addition, the notion of œresilience in relation to the inclusion and accommodation of youth with disabilities in work- based learning programs is dis- cussed. Specifically, the research- ers explore the interplay between the young persons’ personal char- acteristics and program compo- nents with a specific eye toward understanding how stakeholders directly involved in the career de- velopment and decision-making processes of youth with disabili- ties can encourage the develop- ment of resilience.