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Un avenir automatisé pourrait jouer en faveur des femmes

The nature of work is changing. Like other countries, Canada needs to think strategically about how best to use its most important asset, that is to say, its human capital. Automation upsets the traditional methods of work, and our research suggest that about half of the jobs in Canada will experience a significant transformation over the years. Technological changes will affect both men and women in the workforce. However, our analysis reveals that women are more at risk because they occupy more than half of Canadian jobs that are highly likely to be automated, which represent 35% of all jobs. This does not mean that women will lose their historical developments and social because of new technologies. Our work demonstrates that women could be an advantage for the future job market. According to our analysis, skills, digital and social – that women already widely used – will be in high demand in the coming years. However, to help women make the transition, it will change how to evaluate talent. [googletranslate_en]