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UK employment and skills almanac 2009

This Evidence Report works alongside the Almanac Online 2009 website to provide a comparable, comprehensive and robust labour market information resource. This report and accompanying website acknowledge the need to develop a more agile and responsive skills and employment system, in which there is an increasing emphasis on the need for robust labour market information (LMI) to underpin government policy. Four key themes are identified which are used to structure the report: productivity, employment, skills, and inequality. Indicators are presented across UK nations, regions, sectors, sector skills councils, and various socio-economic groupings, with international benchmarking for the UK undertaken where possible. Each of the chapters relates productivity, employment, skills, and inequality to their drivers and the relationships that underpin them. These relationships determine the rationale for the data collected and presented and guide the way in which the data should be interpreted. The tables and figures presented in the UK Employment and Skills Almanac 2009 are all available to download in Excel format from the Almanac Online 2009 project website. Three spotlight features are also available within the report: 1) The impact of globalisation on employment and output. 2) The polarisation of the demand for skills. 3) The labour market impacts of the recession.