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Transformation digitale et avènement des plateformes programmatiques : la publicité digitale en question

This research mobilizes platform concept for analyzing the digital transformation at work in the area of ​​purchasing media sector faced since 2012 with the emergence of programmatic platforms. These platforms enable publishers to distribute unsold and advertisers to buy space in discount blind. Transformation is characterized by the emergence of new intermediate actors in the chain from the advertiser to the publisher. A literature review on the concept of platforms allows to lay the foundations of logical analysis of a grid of players through thirteen interviews professional digital advertising. It illustrates the economic springs associated to the platforms but also the roles of actors and challenges to be met by historical actors to justify their value on the market. Moreover, it shows that the actors on the slopes can lower luencer the configuration of the platform and called a ref lection on the evolution of platforms. [googletranslate_en]