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The role of career adaptability in skills supply (technical)

There are two separate, but inter-related reports for this study. The first comprises the main document and reports on the findings from the research study and presents an analysis of the findings. This, the second document, is the ‘Technical Report’, which details the research approach and methodology implemented to examine career adaptability. The Technical Report is divided into five sections, including this introduction. The introduction reports on the research approach adopted and details the international dimension of the study. The second section provides an account of the primary data collection undertaken in the UK reporting on the design and pilot of the interview guide, data collection and the sampling methodology. The third section reviews the secondary data analysis and sampling methodology undertaken with interviews carried out in Norway in 2010. The fourth section discusses the data analysis phase of the study, including the development of the framework for analysis and the process of analysing and interpreting the results of the interviews. The final section of the report summarises the key findings and issues arising from the methodology adopted. The appendices include the interview guide and participant consent form from the UK and Norway interviews.