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The aspiring workforce: Employment and income for people with serious mental illness

This report speaks to the following five areas ; 1.How to effectively provide services for people who want to work , and which services are likely to be most helpful 2.What systematic incentives and disincentives exist in returning to work 3. How to develop social businesses that as part of their mission provide jobs to people with mental illness 4. How to provide disability pensions that also focus on a person’s capacities and ability to work 5. The key things people need to know about succeeding at work.. In each case, the background issues and current situation are covered. The exciting things we know and can apply are outlined. Taken together, they are a sourcebook for action. The next step will be to build consensus at the national, provincial, and territorial levels to move forward. If we do this, we can predict a new generation of capable employees enriching workplaces across Canada, and by so doing having better mental health themselves