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Suivre les transformations des emplois et compétences en temps réel : vers une approche prospective

TECHNOCompétences the Sectoral Committee of labor (CASM) in information technology and communications (ICT), recently released a sector study that presents the major trends of industry and labor in the field . We learn in particular that the number of ICT professionals experienced strong growth over the past fifteen years, reaching a workforce of over 210,000 people in 2016. Interestingly, of those, just over half the work in the ‘non-ICT’ industries. This echoes the findings of a previous study of the Committee stressed that the majority of industries are sustainably processed today by the use of ICT professionals in the field now are strategically placed in all organizations (TECHNOCompétences, 2016, 50).
 If we add to this that these professionals are themselves affected by the digitization of the economy, we have a situation which greatly increases the difficulty of the exercise information on the skills of the workforce that must ensure sectoral and government agencies. This situation is not unique to Quebec, she is experienced in many other countries, including France. Therefore, what and how?
 We present two initiatives that provide the foundation for a new proactive approach to identify changes in jobs and skills constantly changing. The first TECHNOCompétences in Quebec and the second in France Strategy and Céreq in France. These initiatives are particularly relevant as they are within the guidelines of major international organizations such as OECD (2016) and the International Labor Organization (2016). [googletranslate_en]