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Separate and unequal: An outline of aboriginal education 1900-1990s

This revised edition of Reform and Resistance in Aboriginal Education takes a fresh look at the challenges and achievements that have occurred in this important area since the book’s original release in 2003. Interest in Aboriginal education in Australia has increased through federal government policy commitments arising out of the 2007 national apology and the ‘Closing the Gap’ commitment by state and federal governments. As a result of the increased awareness which led to these initiatives, there have been a number of state and federal government responses giving prominence to Aboriginal education as a public policy and educational issue. Examining the impact of initiatives – such as the ‘Shared Responsibility Agreements, ‘ the ‘Follow the Dream’ program, the ‘NT Intervention, ‘ and Noel Pearson’s blueprint for educational reform on Cape York – Reform and Resistance in Aboriginal Education provides a comprehensive look at the effects on Indigenous students of these reform efforts. Experts in various fields provide well-researched and strongly-argued chapters on family, language, health, attendance, classroom management, and the criminal justice system. The book presents programs and approaches that work, ensuring that this updated edition will remain an invaluable referenc