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Robots need not apply: Human solutions for the skills revolution

Labor market predictions talk of extremes over the long-term: technology eating our jobs, robots replacing drivers, even the threat of a world without work. In the near-term we are seeing new jobs and new skills. For the second year, eighty-six percent of employers globally say their headcount will remain the same or increase in the next two to three years as a result of automation. And, as skills needs are changing faster, employers do not always know which skills they will need even eighteen months from now. This report provides a real-time view of the impact of automation on the workforce in the digital age – not five or ten years out, but now and in the near-term. It shows which functions within companies are set to grow or contract. And it provides insight on the value of soft skills – or human strengths – that are most in-demand by employers and which they have the greatest challenge finding. As world of work experts, we find work for 3 million people annually and have nearly
30,000 employees advising 400,000 companies on hiring decisions and skills development every year. We are well-placed to share human solutions for the Skills Revolution.