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Recommandations de la Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain dans le cadre des consultations sur la Stratégie numérique du Québec

The rapid development of digital technologies is associated with a new industrial revolution affecting the economic sphere, political and cultural. The digital economy today represents a key driver of growth, productivity and competitiveness for businesses. It is causing new innovative sectors and transformed many traditional sectors whose impact goes far beyond the information and communications technology (ICT). Digital certainly has its challenges, but it also offers unique opportunities for companies. These can store and process large amounts of data through different tools, increase their ability to innovate, develop high value-added products and access new business opportunities. Digital technologies contribute to the creation and communication of ideas that lead to new concepts and innovative applications. Thus emerges a new generation of entrepreneurs. To be able to make our own in this new economic reality, Québec companies must be able to rely on adequate levers. The Chamber believes that the future digital strategy should aim to establish the necessary bases for the development of these levers. [googletranslate_en]