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Mismatches in skills and attributes of immigrants and problems with workplace integration: A study of it and engineering professionals in Australia

This article examines the mismatches between supply of skills and attributes of immigrants and the demands of employers that influence workplace integration of skilled immigrants in Australia. It argues that, despite being skilled, immigrants still cannot meet the requirements of employers in doing their jobs effectively. There are mismatches, which happen mainly in the aspects of English proficiency, qualification and culture. The study followed a qualitative research design taking skilled immigrants from IT and engineering professional backgrounds and their employers in Australia as the interviewees. The results confirm that the workplace integration of immigrants is not only affected by the inherent capacities of immigrants, but the mindset of employers and their perception towards immigrants’ overall qualities also manipulate the process. The results are, however, indicative only, as the study is confined to IT and engineering professional groups, and does not report the experiences of other immigrants.