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Les valeurs de la génération Y et ses implications pour la gestion

In a context marked by the decline of extrinsic values ​​for the benefit of intrinsic values ​​(Ester & Vinken Braun, 2006; Riffault Tchernia & 2002; Tchernia, 2005), it seems important to bring attention to what lives inside the subject : her values. In France, no management research has studied the values ​​of Generation Y. We approach is qualitative and exploratory. A diverted projective technique (the letter to a friend) is available in 20 bachelor students (Bac + 1) belonging to Generation Y (born between 1985 and 1996). This is to identify their individual values, organizational and welfare. At the theoretical level, the results show that Generation Y develops a special motivation to the detriment of organizational socialization and in favor of the professional insertion. At the managerial level, nuanced results many stereotypes associated with generation Y. [googletranslate_en]