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L’économie numérique à l’assaut de la finance

Until recently, the dominant model was that of the universal bank; long protected by regulations and customer loyalty, it is challenged by a new class of actors: FinTech, which introduce innovative uses and transform gradually into service platforms. These are gradually joined by telecom operators looking to reduce attrition of their portfolio and supermarkets. But the main danger comes from GAFA who can ignore the exceptional data vector that are financial services.
 The movement is accelerated by the revolution of the given technology (IA blockchain and Internet of Things) and by the new European regulatory structures (DSP2, in particular). The general trend is to the hybridization of styles and cultures.
 In this bubbling context, France has significant assets, such as its world class expertise in cognitive science and its privileged access to the European integrated market. [googletranslate_en]