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Leadership in digital age: A study on the role of leader in this era of digital transformation

This is a conceptual paper based on extensive review of various survey reports on aspects related to leadership and digital transformation. In the beginning of the paper, theoretical description about digitalization and digital transformation has been discussed and described digitalization as a change process. The study explains that the successful digital transformation depends on how leaders, use digital technology for the growth of the organization. References of different survey reports and examples of different leaders and organizations have been used to justify that this is the leader’s vision, foresightedness and how they are using digital technology for organizational productivity. The different organizational dimensions transformed by leaders for inculcating digital technology in the organization have also been discussed. The Paper also discusses the biggest barrier faced by leaders while transforming digitally or assimilating digital technology in their corporate model and suggests measures to overcome this barrier. At the end of the paper conclusion drawing the importance of leader in this digital age for organizational excellence has been given. On the whole the research paper shall prove useful in showing importance of leaders’ position and their decision making for organizational excellence in the digitally transformed world.