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L’âge, facteur de succès ou de résistance de l’implantation de l’ERP : cas d’une entreprise au Nigéria

How age can be used as a resistance factor or mobilization of actors around the change in Africa? To answer this question, it was conducted a reading of the change process in Africa through the management through the ages. Indeed, African cultures attach particular important to respect elders or elders. The worship of the ancient integral part of children’s education in Africa from a young age and he appropriates to adulthood. The basis of this education is based on respect for elders. This worship of the ancient, present in the family, is transposed into professional life as shown around a case study on the process of implementing an ERP software (Navision) in a company. The case was analyzed using a model that combines the contextualist approach and policy and contingent explanatory approaches. Qualitative research and case study strategy were mobilized. The results obtained showed that respect for elders is a particularly important factor for the successful implementation of a management tool like ERP. Also, the involvement of leaders of opinion is it seen as a recognition of the wisdom of age-related. [googletranslate_en]