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Industrie 4.0 : comment caractériser cette quatrième révolution industrielle et ses enjeux ?

Industry 4.0 “is the German response to the threat posed by the emergence of digital on industrial value chains. This is a technological ambition of producing one size series at equivalent costs than mass production by introducing cyber-physical systems of production in the factory. But in this revolution remains largely invisible as it passes through the codes and algorithms. Its main objective is learning new process design and manufacturing group. This is the relational competitiveness is at the heart of the Industry 4.0, evidenced by new modes of interaction between economic agents and their customers, and this both inside and outside the chain value. This ability to experiment together not only affects the technological dimension. It also relates to the definition of new business models in line with the emergence of industrial service platforms. This is a change of type 2 (in the meaning Gregory Bateson) taking place before our eyes – a change in which the cross between sectors and disciplines becomes a central issue for the players in this digital revolution. [googletranslate_en]