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Eight futures of work: Scenarios and their implications

This white paper presents various possible visions of what the future of work might look like by the year 2030. Based on how different combinations of three core variables—the rate of technological change and its impact on business models; the evolution of learning among the current and future workforce; and the magnitude of talent mobility across geographies—are likely to influence the nature of work in the future, the White Paper provides a starting point for considering a range of options around the multiple possible futures of work. It is imperative that governments, businesses, academic institutions and individuals consider how to proactively shape a new, positive future of work—one that we want rather than one created through inertia. Accordingly, while the scenarios presented in this White Paper are designed to create a basis for discussion among policymakers, businesses, academic institutions and individuals, they are not predictions. Instead, they are a practical tool to help identify and prioritize key actions that are likely to promote the kind of future that maximizes opportunities for people to fulfil their full potential across their lifetimes.