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Barriers to work-integrated learning opportunities

The purpose of the current study was to determine what strategies Ontario’s postsecondary institutions are implementing to mitigate or remove those barriers. The study employed an online survey of faculty and staff at postsecondary institutions who are involved in making WIL opportunities available to students. A total of 1,008 potential respondents were identified through a search of 44 Ontario postsecondary institutions’ websites. An email invitation was sent from HEQCO to all 1,008. Respondents were not randomly selected. Participation was voluntary. A total of 176 respondents completed the survey, which was available from May 29 until June 16, 2017. The final data set includes surveys from 43 of the 44 institutions surveyed (i.e., all but one publicly funded Ontario postsecondary institution). In-depth telephone interviews were then conducted with 45 key informants. The purpose of these interviews was to further clarify the efficacy of the identified strategies and discuss the challenges of implementing them for specific types of WIL.