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An integrated e-learning solution in hospitals

In hospitals, the life-long learning for healthcare professional has just required greater flexibility regarding when courses can be started, where they can be taken and how long they last. On the other hand, within the medical and healthcare milieu, other factors, such as: “heightened expectations for healthcare services quality”, “acute shortage of healthcare professionals”, “increased complexity of healthcare services” and “accelerated technological changes”, etc., reinforce the need for continual competency-based training of its workers. As the ISO 9000 quality management system (QMS) has been increasingly adopted by hospitals, more applications require continuing QMS training for healthcare professionals. This paper employs a modern hybrid e-learning model to reduce the time and location limitations in providing QMS knowledge and practices for delegates in continuing medical education, while principal learning theories such as: “Adaptive Learning”, “Collaborative Learning”, “Learning in Community”, “Scaffolding Learning”, and “Scenario Learning” are incorporated onto a computational platform. A series of hybrid digital contents of QMS, namely: “e-Learning Map”, “e-Illustration”, “e-Learning Group”, “e-Comprehension”, and “e-Workshop” were developed, applied and validated to be effective in reinforcing the competence of those who received the hybrid e-learning contents. As a result, an effective e-learning application model for healthcare professionals and the quality of training is proven.