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A battle we can’t afford to lose: Getting young Canadians from education to employment

This report identifies policy areas affecting skills gaps, both in Canada and globally, and provides a review of recent contributions to the policy debate. We find these policy areas reflect what is lacking in the Canadian education system and labour market: 1. Labour market information (LMI): This section examines Canada’s collection, interpretation and dissemination of data reflecting labour market conditions and projections. 2. Career decision-making: This section describes the factors and influences, both formal and informal, that shape Canadian students’ career interests and goals. 3. Work-integrated learning (WIL): This section addresses the various forms of education and training that occur in the workplace, such as co-op and internship programs, and the extent to which they are used or underused in Canada. 4. National leadership and coordination: This section examines the possible ways in which Canada could improve youth’s school to-work transition to mitigate the skills gap, now and in the future.