Max Skudra has a background in Human Rights, business development and finance. He began his career working for Human Rights Watch in Toronto and New York. He later worked in the financial services industry, performing derivatives administration and valuations analysis in Toronto. Max went on to organize micro-finance and community savings programs in marginalized areas of Bogota, Colombia. While he lived in Colombia, he began a digital asset transfer company.

Since 2011 Max has been working for the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, conducting research on Aboriginal businesses. The department has grown to become a center for data and thought leadership on Indigenous economics. Max sits on the consulting committee for the OECDs project Linking Indigenous Communities with Regional Development, The Federal Governments working group on Indigenous Trade and is on the board of directors for the National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA). His work has informed the Government of Ontario’s $95 million Indigenous Economic Development Fund, as well as the Federal governments goal of increasing the procurement of Aboriginal goods and services to 5% of all government spend, a $1 billion target.