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Working Learner Index: Study examines motivations of US workers seeking education benefits while on the job

As automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advances transform nearly every facet of the labor market, workers are going back to school by the millions. (More than 14 million, by one count.1 ) In the Working Learner Index, Bright Horizons®, publisher of the Modern Family Index, undertook an unprecedented survey of more than 30,000 workers who are already learning on the job. The findings provide a window into the lives, aspirations, and goals of a highly engaged subset of employees who are looking for credentials with a longer shelf life. According the Working Learner Index, workers understand that change is coming: nearly 90% believe automation will impact their industry and transform jobs. The results suggest that workers understand the importance of up-skilling – and deeply value employers’ commitments to supporting it.