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What’s trending in jobs and skills

As the pace of technological change accelerates, so does the technology-driven evolution of jobs and skills. Fortunately, technology also offers ways to enhance our understanding of that evolution. With online postings now the primary means for advertising jobs, we have a rich trove of digital data that provides an unprecedented opportunity to understand how the world of work is changing. In this report, we examine job market trends as reflected in millions of online job postings in the US – collected by Burning Glass Technologies – over the three-year period from 2015 through 2018.Although the data covers the US market only, the size and diversity of the US population and economy are a reasonable proxy for global trends. By analyzing the number and growth rate of these listings year over year, we were able to get a picture of the trends in job postings across broad sectors and within specific job areas. A look at the skills that these jobs require provides a more detailed view of changes in the nature of work. We therefore looked at the skills listed in job postings, classifying them in the same way that we classified jobs.