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Une approche de l’appropriation des applications du SIRH: le cas du processus d’identification des compétences distinctives au sein d’une grande entreprise tunisienne

This article aims to formalize, test and update the method for identifying distinctive competencies based on the use of human resources information system applications (HRIS) within three subsidiaries of large Tunisian industrial group. A process of intervention research has been concretely implemented and rational myth built on the occasion has been translated in identifying distinctive competencies System (IDCS). The work of Hamel and Prahalad (1990, 1995) and David guidelines (2000) were widely mobilized. The methodological device in situ based on the presentation and experimentation of SICDs WITH 74 officers and staff managers as well as a perspective of its appropriation by both users and prescribers. This article shows – besides the relevance of an approach such intervention research deal with such questions addressing the HRIS – the interest of highlighting individual dimensions of competence, the contribution of ICT in the process of identifying the meaning wide and the need for analysis of the practice exceeded posts by mobilizing the HRIS and especially SICDs. [googletranslate_en]