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The smart economy reshaping Canada’s workforce: Labour market outlook 2015-2019

The 2015 edition of Labour Market Outlook is the fourth in a series of ICTC analytics that began with the first edition published in 2006. The aim of this latest edition in this series of studies is to highlight and provide new insights on conditions affecting Canada’s ICT workforce across all economic sectors from demand- and supply-side perspectives. This study tracks and projects the evolution of 15 ICT occupations in 18 municipalities, 10 provinces, and Canada as a whole. The latest innovations in ICTs – in particular the internet of things (IOT) as well as Social, Mobile, Analytics, Apps, and Cloud (SMAAC) – have become key drivers of innovation, productivity, and growth. These enabling technologies have changed the ways Canadians communicate and live their daily lives, as well are creating new business and employment opportunities. Social and economic transformations have changed the demand for skills and changing skill needs are reshaping the entire labour market across all sectors. This study aims to provide evidence on future labour market developments to help informed decision making. The results and findings of this study cover key aspects of the technological renaissance and economic, demographic, and educational outlooks from the viewpoint of their impacts on the demand and supply of ICT talent and skills. This study updates the forecasts carried out in 2011 by applying improved data and methods and forecasts for the ICT skills demand and supply in Canada up to and including 2019. The analytical framework is based on robust labour market research and intelligence. The data for all 15 occupations identified by the 4-digit National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes were collected at the municipal and provincial levels, which were further analyzed, and summarized. The 2015-2019 Labour Market Outlook was further improved through use of the latest available labour force data and use of comprehensive industry feedback. The forecasts consider major economic and socio-demographic trends and examine their implications for ICT occupations. This is done by incorporating relevant trends and policies, feedback from in-depth consultation with over 1,000 representative employers across Canada, inputs of five regional focus group discussions and validation webinars with representatives from industry and other stakeholder groups, and valuable insights of a 22-member distinguished multinational Labour Market Outlook Advisory Group in the analytical framework.