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The collaborative economy: Impact and potential of collaborative Internet and additive manufacturing

The Collaborative Economy is approaching thanks to advances in technologies related to Collaborative Internet, Big/Open Data, Crypto Currency and Additive Manufacturing. Policy makers wish to be prepared and understand their options in order that effective policies can be put in place in time to nurture the positive impacts and negate the negative impacts associated within range of potential afforded by this advance. The results of a short Delphi-inspired study reveal a wide range of opportunities and threats associated with the technologies supporting the Collaborative Economy. In the wider context, attention is drawn to a number of social, political, economic, moral and ethical issues also associated with the migration into this new way of working. Importantly, the impacts of the Collaborative Economy are not restricted to the conventional workplace, where economic activity currently takes place. In the Collaborative Economy, impacts are felt not only at home but also on the person, indeed the effects are felt everywhere. In conclusion, a number of policy options are presented for the consideration of policy makers.